Kamis, 02 Juni 2016

nagawir village

          I and another IPS children and thei teachers, who accompanied us to go to cangkuang temple and dragon village or nagawir village. Fist we visited the Cangkuang temple. To get to the cangkuang temple we must pass through the lake using a traditional raft. After passing the lake, we had to pass through the village pulo. Myth there is a number of houses to be seven, if it is going to cause a major disaster. After passing trough teh village of pulo we arrived at the cangkuang temple. Cangkuang temple found in the days of hindu. When the temple cangkuang used as a place of worship Shiva and the disposal of ashes.

             After the temple cangkuang, we continued our journey to the nagawir village. We traveled for two hours with meandering patheays and loss. To be able to see nagawir village we had to go down 456 stairs. Arriving there, we were introduced to the culture of nagawir village. There is still shaped stage houses. 

there we see the surrounding area, and we saw the house of one of the residents there, in which there is no electricity, a black and white TV, a place to store rice that can only be opened by the wife, and household items other.
after that we saw the mosque village nagawir and there we also bought candy stalk and no one is buying Sundanese traditional musical instruments namely karinding. This instrument is a unique way to play with in at low and this instrument played in the mouth.
after that we went back up and taking pictures together throughout the journey through the stairs. after the above we also directly go straight back and middle of the journey we bought by the typical Garut city.
we finally reached the city of Bandung safely and it was a tiring day in which we can play, learn, and vacation together.


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