Senin, 13 Juni 2016

quiz 1

1.  Who is the artist who sings pretty u?
     a. Taylor swift
     b. Bruno mars
     c. Seventeen
     d. Adelle
2.  Who are the Seventeen ?
     a. Boy group
     b. Vocalist
     c. Soloist
     d. Vical group
3.  What is the purpose of the song title pretty u ?
     a. Your beautiful
     b. Men fall in love
     c. Women in love
     d. Expressions of love of a man
4.  How many members of seventeen ?
     a. 12
     b. 40
     c. 13
     d. 7
5.  "I can't take it no more " the underline word refers to...
      a. The girl
      b. The boy
      c. The writter
      d. Man fall in love
6. "No yeppeuda" that is to say......
     a. Your beautiful
     b. Be my lover
     c. Your smart
     d. You are my love
7.  " doe's she love me " the underline word refers to....
     a. The boy
     b. The mother
     c. The girl
     d. The man fall in love
8. "Neon areumdawo naui goddess" the underline word refers       to.....
     a. The boy
     b. The girl
     c. Monster
     d. The man
9. Who is the artist who sings Monster ?
     a. EXO
     b. Infinite
     c. BAP
     d. BTOB
10. "I'm creeping in your heart babe" the underline word means....
     a.  Crawl
     b.  Climb
     c.  Slide
     d.  Dreamy

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